Thursday, April 28, 2011

Building a Simple Plutonium nuclear bomb

In this tutorials i will show you how to build a simple Plutonium Nuke.

Step 1: Launch powder toy.

Step 2: Pick a material for the outisde of the bomb. Make sure it is not conductive. In this example i used wood. Ctrl-click to make a box like this:

Step 3: Ctrl-left click the box like show here to make an opening. Then make a whole in the top for the detonator to go through like shown:
Step 4: Go to explosives and click RBDM. Make a square on the bottom of the box like shown:

Step 4: Go to electronics and click METL. Then make the the wick/detonator like shown:

Step 5: Go to explosives and click THRM. Put some on the bottom like shown here:

Step 6: Go to radioactive and click PLUT. Fill the rest of the box with this.
 Step 7: When ready go to electronics and click SPRK. Click anywhere on the piece of metal, wait and it will blow up.

Thats all! You can download the stamp from here if you want to! just put in powdertoy/stamps folder


  1. Great tutorial!

    Will you do some more tutorials? You could explain electronics and such :D

  2. sorry for no new posts. i will try and keep it updated.

  3. Hi, man. I'm from brazil and can I make a association with your blog? Because i have this blog too:
    If you want, just talk to me.

  4. dude, when i added the plut the whole thing went off